Our services


drinking water inspection, animal rescue surgeries and care, guidelines for rationalizing energy and water consumption...


clean up plastic waste, alternative energy subsidies, family aids for birth control and curbing significant demographic growth...


planting trees, protecting animals, alternative energy projects and ocean protection...

What else we provide?

Free services

All assistance is free and is funded by donations.

We cooperate with international associations

We cooperate with several associations and foundations around the world to protect nature.

Protecting animals and plants from extinction

Cooperating with zoos, nature reserves and forests to protect animals and plants.

Protect pets and wild animals

Resist poaching and illegal trade in endangered animals.

Recycling and plastic removal projects
Animal protection projects
Tree planting projects
Alternative energy projects

Who we are

  • Association to save the world
  • Includes more than 12,000 volunteers
  • We provide our services in all continents
  • We got several awards

Carbon dioxide emissions from energy worldwide 2022

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North America
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